Mihail Coculescu - MD, PhD, FACE
Chair & Speaker
Prof. Dr. Mihail Gr. COCULESCU
Corresponding Fellow of the Romanian Academy;
Professor of Endocrinology, Carol Davila University, Doctoral School
President of Honor, Romanian Society of Endocrinology

Professor Mihail Coculescu`s special field of interest is Neuroendocrinology.
1996 – 2011 Head of Pituitary and Neuroendocrine Section, Institute of
Endocrinology ”C. I. Parhon”; 2000 - 2008 Vice-president (Prorector) for international cooperation, UMF „C. Davila”; 1997 - 2004 Deputy Director, Institute of Endocrinology „C. I. Parhon”
1993 Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences from Romania (since 2011
President of Biomedical and Translational Section of AMSR)
1996 Member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE)
1997 Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology (F.A.C.E.)
2002 American College of Endocrinology: International Clinician Award, in
recognition of exemplifying the highest levels of excellence in the practice of clinical endocrinology and educating the public on endocrine problems outside of United States awarded by American College of Endocrinology, Chicago
2002 Joint meeting RSE (Rom Soc of Endocrinol) and AACE (American Assoc. Clin. Endocrinol.), Bucharest 2002, Member of AACE International Committee
2009 Founder of the Romanian Chapter of AACE and first president
2011 Certificate of Recognition by the AACE for service and dedication as the Chair of the Romania Chapter of AACE

Prof. Dr. Mihail Coculescu is editor in chief of the journal Acta Endocrinologica (Buc) since 2005 up today.
Publications on prefered topics: Peptides of the pineal gland and cerebrospinal fluid, Pituitary disorders and tumors.
Day 1, Plenary Venue
13:30 - 14:00
Opening Ceremony Remarks
Day 2, Plenary Venue
10:00 - 11:00
Debate 1 - Is optimal management of Recurrent/Persistent Acromegaly Medical?
12:10 - 12:50
Plenary Lecture 3

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