Corin Badiu - MD, PhD
Corin Badiu, MD, PhD
Affiliation “C.I. Parhon” National Institute of Endocrinology, “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Endocrinology, Bucharest, Romania
Title: Professor of Endocrinology, Consultant in Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic disorders; Head of department of thyroid related disorders in the National Institute of Endocrinology
Research interests in neuroendocrinology, neuroendocrine tumors and psychoneuroendocrinology. Published basic research is on neuroendocrinology of rhythms and pineal gland, while the clinical is collaborative and multidisciplinary in the clinical neuroendocrinology, with focus on neuroendocrine tumors, rare diseases in endocrinology, genetics of endocrine disorders, developmental biology; endocrine molecular biology.
Positions in Medical Education: Director of the National Center for Postgraduate Medical Education (2005-2009), Professor at the Francois Rabelais University in Tours (1998)- France, Visiting Professor at the University „Friedrich-Alexander” Erlangen – Nuremberg (2011), Germany
Scientific societies: President of the Romanian Psychoneuroendocrine Society, member of several Societies in the field of endocrinology and endocrine tumors in Europe (ESE, ENETS, ENEA, ETA, BES) and USA (Endocrine society, AACE).
Day 2, Plenary Venue
15:30 - 16:45
Debate 2- Radioiodine Ablation after Thyroidectomy for Cancer: When and How?

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