Doina Catrinoiu
Doina Catrinoiu (d.o.b. 11.10.1958), MD, PhD is Professor at”Ovidius” University Constanta. She graduated “Gr.T.Popa” University at Iasi and she was director of development and research at Clinical County Emergency Hospital of Constanta. Professor Catrinoiu is now chief of Medical Department, Clinical County Emergency Hospital Constanta.
She is also member in EASD Diabetes and Cardiovascular -Working Group.
Professor Catrinoiu has extensive experience in clinical trials (as Principal Investigator in more than 30 trials). She is currently Vicepresident of Romanian Society of Diabetes, vicepresident of Romanian Society of Neuropathy, member of EASD, Romanian Society of Obesity, Romanian Federation of Diabetes and Honorary President of Association of Children and Adolescent with Diabetes “Sweet Land”.

Day 1, Plenary Venue
11:30 - 12:00
Astrazeneca Symposium: Individualised Pacient Care in Type 2 Diabetes: translating science to the practice

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