Glenn Fitzgerald
EMEIA Chief Technology Officer Product Business, FUJITSU

Glenn joined ICL in 1979 as an apprentice and has worked for the company, now Fujitsu, throughout a varied career, during which he has gained expertise in a wide range of IT fields, including manufacturing and production test, hardware, software and firmware design, infrastructure implementation, project management and business and ITC architecture.
In his role Glenn is responsible for ensuring that the technologies utilised within Fujitsu are an optimum balance of capability and function, delivering industry leading coherent solutions that balance a supporting vision for clients’ varied businesses with the “art of the possible” at any point in time; technical feasibility, cost, timescales, risk and flexibility.
Glenn believes that it is essential that such visions are practical, and so is active as an Enterprise Architect. He has used the technology visions developed in his role to define and lead and several major business change programmes in the public and private sector delivering significant benefits in terms of business agility, futureproofing, information management and agile collaboration.  In this role Glenn works across Fujitsu’s global business, technology and delivery partners and client staff at many levels, including senior business and technical decision-makers.
Glenn is honoured to hold the appointment of Fujitsu Engineering Fellow, and in that role is particularly active in reaching out to the academic and educational sectors. He promotes new programs to support emerging areas of research, most recently in new connectivity technologies and artificial intelligence. He is an advocate of the promotion of STEM disciplines in UK education and supports curriculum delivery in several establishments
Glenn is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and participates actively in its work, serving on several working groups. He has authored several reports, most recently on topics including cloud computing and datacentre management and consolidation.

Day 1, Fujitsu Day 2nd of October 2018
11:20 - 12:00
“What’s on the CTOs mind?”

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